Reloading unDE 2012

Nikolay (unDEFER) Krivchenkov


So, the unDE project was frozen one and half year. Why it was happened I will tell a bit below. But before I want to say, that from this day the project reloads for the next movement.

Simply yesterday was my Birthday and in this day I have solved make the present for myself, that already long time want to do.

In april of 2010, I have begun to learn Blender 2.49, and soon not bad know it's game engine and have found that the annoying bug: the sorting of transparent and solid objects in the game engine depends on Y coordinate even if camera turned along the Z axis. Although I even have found how to fix it for myself, but the bugzilla section of the Blender-project about game endgine occirs not too active. I have supposed, the more actively developed version is Blender 2.5, and even rewrite my Python scripts for compatibility with new version, but suddenly occurs, that the animation in Blender 2.5 doesn't work. I have checked it yet in half year after Blender 2.5 release, but nothing was changed there in this area. And seems never will be changed before some new big game project like "YoFrankie!".

So base on the project, which develops very fast but to direction which we not needed, is not practically. The new attempt of implementation of my long time ago thoughted new Dizzy adventure was fallen.

After that I had big time shortage. And only till autumn of 2011 I had systemized my job and then had begin again thought and do something for unDE. Including I have learned OpenGL and now I know what is shader, how there maybe implemented shades, user interaction and many other things.

So what will wait for us after reloading? At the first the introduction into D programming language. After that, introduction into Ogre, the new conception of seas&mountains and many others.

At the current moment already was began job for porting BerkeleyDB to D language. And it implements by awk scripts, to have at any time easy to update the interface till the newest BerkleyDB and D.

Recently I have started going from graphics utilities fully to console. The results partially you can find in the discussion (russian) of my screenshot at And thanks it I have found the next nice projects:

  1. asciidoc -- easy readable markup language in ASCII format,
  2. teapot -- table calculator (Excel analog), in which you can easy process even 3D data.
  3. antiword -- excellent convertor of Word-documents to formatted text (including tables easy see in ASCII)
  4. unoconv -- convertor which allows to convert any formats, which supported by (now in distrubitions used LibreOffice) each to other

What makes this projects nices say you? Nice that it is simple. For me was enough a but time to see teapot project directory, to understand where is bugs of it's console version and fast to fix up it (the patch was sent to the developer). Now I want also patch the utilities by the next way:

  1. Add to antiword asciidoc output support
  2. Add to teapot asciidoc tables format support with formulas
  3. Add to asciidoc feature of ignoring teapot formulas
  4. Make vim keybindings for:
    • Text styles changing in asciidoc format
    • Movement by asciidoc cells tables
    • Going to table editing with teapot

If all this will success then I will have experience of replacing of usual environment by other. And if I will can do it fully by this way I also can repeat it again but already by creating fully own utilities.

Besides this I already say that the programs - are very simple. And if before I was worried by thoughts, that I alone have to fully recode such monsters as Firefox or, but now I have in my disposal the codem which I really can without problems fully remake for unDE project needs.

Of course, links can't be compared by functionality with Firefox, and teapot even haven't options for preparation table to printing. But by other side, better to have all tools for print preparing in the one place and if it will enough asciidoc for this purposes, then it will fully enough always.

By the way, asciidoc haven't for example, such options as alignment of paragpraph to the left or to the right without table. But by thinking about cases in such it is necessary I also remember that for this the best use tables with hidden boundaries. It means that asciidoc functions limits are only good for good text formatting.

At this point I'm finishing my introduction to plans for reloading and will try to all possible, that the next article would written in less than a month. Logo