Chapter 25. Command line and keybar

Nikolay (unDEFER) Krivchenkov


After long weeks of work ready new release of unDE 0.2.0. As promised it includes a command line, but also it was decided include in it keybar.

Keybar is something avarage between toolbar and virtual keyboard. It's ideas described in details in the article Toolbar as screen keyboard, so herer we more detailed will show keybar idea only in video.

Just mention that there is appeared not system keyboard layout. It gives such features like fixing keyboard layout on the fly, how - shown in video.

Have changed hotkeys, that was F5, F6, F7, F8 now is c, v, d, e.

Command line - bash, as bash, but we have own built-in commands (in Windows works only built-in commands):

Video, where you can see all this outrage. By the way, speaking of outrage. Again, not without mishaps with video capture. But thank God, no longer blinks, but mc became green, and I like colorblind declare what our mc is blue :-))))) Go to project page on SourceForge with screenshots to see blue mc.

Didn't show I control in lists in keyboard layouts settings. But who have seen part about text viewer, will guess, and right click - select, also already used combination. Didn't show that with holded ctrl you may select text in terminal. And insert with middle mouse button. That's all bloopers..

Links for downloading, before I must say sorry to 32-bit computers owner, packages for it in the previous version doesn't work. The problem in that there is bug and with dmd under 32-bit platform unde buids by something wrong way. There is solution - build with gdc, but on many platforms gcc very old and change my code for old compilers I'm not successed. So somewhere 32 bit building maybe absent. But on the whole supported distribution became more:

Discussion of this verion unDE in Russian: LOR.

Discussian in english version: on DLang Forum.

So it is all, see you. In the next version of unDE expected text editor and IDE! But the meeting will not soon, in months 6, maybe year... Logo