Nikolay (unDEFER) Krivchenkov


Русская версия

Esperanta versio

unDE is a desktop environment of new generation. The project for along time have carried theoretical orientation. But now there have appeared the first versions which implements some of the ideas. Below there is index of project articles.

Table of Contents

I. Theoretical part
1. Intuitive means predictable
2. Is there a lot of space on the screen?
3. Is it easy to find a file?
4. Intellectual means unpredictable
5. Firefox Design
6. Is the help system effective?
7. Essence of saving and copying operations
8. Error messages
9. Firefox design-challenge results
10. What data formats do we have?
11. Zoom interface
12. About modes and quasimodes
13. BerkeleyDB as universal Data format
14. Two examples of habits
15. Fundamental nature of knowledge
16. The way of screen space saving
17. Toolbar as screen keyboard
18. Estimation of requirements to resources
19. General interface sketch
20. A little realism
II. unDE architecture development
21. unDE Architecture: Video Subsystem
Happy New Year 2010!
22. Alan Cooper: About Face. Opinion on the book
23. unDE Architecture: Navigation
Reloading unDE 2012
III. unDE development
24. File manager, text viewer and image viewer
25. Command line and keybar
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